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Di Harber, Personal Chef and Caterer, Denver, Colorado

I started 44 years ago at the age of 18 (yes, I am 62) decorating birthday cakes as a hobby. Then in my mid-twenties I began cooking for my neighbor (who was a quadriplegic) and her family. After I moved to Denver in 1991, I did accounting for the government but became famous in the office as the "Pot-Luck Queen" because I was always bringing in food and/or organizing the office parties. After my job dissolved in 1999 I decided that I was ready for a new adventure. I love all of it from planning the menus, shopping, cooking and even cleaning most of the time...amazingly with over 36 years of accounting, the bookkeeping is just not my favorite part. dining_delights_1_200hdining_delights_1_80hdining_delights_1_t_200hdining_delights_2_200hdining_delilghts_200hdining_delights_3_200h
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